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The Personal Reconnection

Are you looking to accelerate your personal evolution and growth?

Are you ready to receive more clarity and support with 

your life path and purpose?

The Personal Reconnection is a structured, precise application and interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies that promotes the alignment of three complimentary energetic systems essential for us to thrive. These three organized energy systems represent aspects of our existence that were designed to support and nurture our life experience as human beings. 

The first is our physical energetic body rooted in a pattern of meridian lines and points similar to that described in the ancient Chinese science of acupuncture.  

The second is the organized pattern of energy flow existing within the earth itself, which travels through known lay lines and intersect at vortices across the surface of the planet.

The third parallel network is the universal energy grid that surrounds our planet, maintaining the structure and organization of celestial bodies like stars and planets.

During one’s Personal Reconnection, these three complimentary energetic systems are brought into alignment and recalibrated so that we can receive a more open and coherent exchange of energy, light and information on a daily basis. It is a process that allows us to experience a fuller more harmonic expression of our life path.

The Personal Reconnection:

  •  Is facilitated in 2 “in-person” sessions, over the course of two days within a 72 hour period, with at least one sleep cycle in between to allow for the integration of this process. 
  •  Has a fee of $333 which maintains a purposeful energetic exchange resonating from the sacred numerology of this value. 
  •  Is facilitated only once in the course of your lifetime and will not need to be repeated. 

Commonly Reported Experiences After The Personal Reconnection:

While each individual's experience is different, the following general outcomes are commonly reported:

  • Life is "just easier". No matter what is happening, things are more calm, peaceful, and easier to manage.
  • Intuitive abilities are greatly expanded and enhanced.
  • Persistent challenges of the past are gone, or greatly reduced.
  • A feeling of finally "getting on track", or having more clarity on your life path and purpose.
  • A feeling of being strongly "grounded" and present in the physical world.
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